Virgil: For the ruinous fault of gluttony are these sad souls broken by the rain
and the mud.
维吉尔: 这些在雨水与泥泞中的可悲灵魂是因为性喜暴食的缺点而在这受折磨的。
Dante: What is that beast below?
但丁: 下面那头野兽是什么?
Virgil: Ceberus, the great worm. As a dog that craves barking, then grows quiet
when he snaps up his food, so are the foul faces of the demon Ceberus,
who thunders over these souls.
维吉尔: 大虫赛伯拉斯。他就像条狗一样没事就爱乱叫,只有在他撕咬着食物时才会安静,所以这肮脏的恶魔赛伯拉斯总是如雷贯耳地震摄着那些灵魂。


Virgil: What these shades could not satisfy in life, in death, they shall be denied for eternity.
维吉尔: 这些于生于死都不满足的灵魂,他们被永生所拒绝。
Dante: But can these souls never be released from their fate?
但丁: 难道这些灵魂就没有办法摆脱这命运吗?
Virgil: They wake no more, that is, until the trumpet of the angel sounds. Then each shall
take again his flesh, and hear that which resounds to all eternity.
维吉尔: 他们是不会醒来了。除非听见天使的号角声,而每一位灵魂将重回他的肉体,听那回响整着永生的判决。
Dante: These torments, will they increase, or grow less, after the great Judgment?
但丁: 那在大审判之后,这些灵魂的处分是会增加还是减少呢?
Virgil: The more a thing is perfect, the more it feels goodness. And so it is with pain.
They cannot attain perfection, but look to be nearer to it then, than now.
维吉尔: 一个东西愈趋向完美,那愈易感受到好坏优劣。而他们虽不能达到完美,但是会比之前看起来更缺于完美。


Francesco: Dante-what are you doing?
法兰西斯科: 但丁-你在做什么?
Dante: Who made you a priest?
但丁: 谁让你成为牧师的? (谁叫你跟个牧师一样婆婆妈妈的!)
Alighiero: Who made you a priest?
阿利吉耶路: 谁让你成为牧师的? (谁叫你跟个牧师一样婆婆妈妈的!)
Lucifer: Like father, like son. You think you\’re above reproach for your sins?
路西法: 有其父必有其子。你认为你可免除你罪刑的责难吗?
Dante: I took up the crusade. The bishop assured us that our sins would be absolved.
但丁: 我参与了十字军东征。主教向我们保证我们的罪会被赦免。
Lucifer: And you believed him? You actually believed these salesmen of salvation?
路西法: 所以你就像信了他?你相信那些贩卖救赎的商人?
Dante: And what of those lost souls we killed? Where are they?
但丁: 那么那些我们所杀的灵魂呢? 他们在哪?
Lucifer: They thought their cause was holy too.
路西法: 他们也觉得他们的所作所为是神圣的。
Dante: Where are they?! Why do I not find them damned in the Inferno?
但丁: 他们在哪里?我什么我在地狱看不到那些该死的人?
Lucifer: Because, this isn\’t their Hell. It\’s yours!
路西法: 因为,这不是他们的地狱。这是你的!

Alighiero: Don\’t waste your tears, girl. Knowing my son, he\’s long dead by now.
阿利吉耶路: 女孩,不要浪费你的眼泪的。你要知道,我儿子很早之前就死了。
Alighiero: You dare enter my home?
阿利吉耶路: 你胆敢跑进我家?
(老豆喷掉 爱人被追杀)
Dante: No! Damn you! She\’s done nothing! Stop him!
但丁: 不! 你这该死的! 她根本没作什么! 快叫他住手!
Lucifer: Behold the slaughter and ruin of YOUR family, of YOUR home, of YOUR way of life!
路西法: 看着你的家庭,你的住所,你的生活,都毁了!
Lucifer: How does it feel when it\’s your own?
路西法: 这都是你造成的,感觉怎样啊?
Killer: She wasn\’t my sister. She was my wife.
杀手: 她不是我妹。她是我老婆。
Dante: Damn you! What more can you take from me?!
但丁: 你这该死的! 你到底还要对我怎样?
Lucifer: Is that a dare?
路西法: 你还真有胆啊?
Dante: WHAT MORE!?
但丁: 还有什么!?
Lucifer: It\’s up to you to find out.
路西法: 等你去发现。 (直到你找到为止)
Lucifer: Keep fighting, Dante.
路西法: 继续战斗吧,但丁。

(镜子迷宫 路西法的碎碎念)
Lucifer: She must have been so… frightened.
路西法: 她是这么的…害怕。
Lucifer: She bled prettily, poor girl.
路西法: 喔可怜的女孩,她如此的悲伤。
Lucifer: She screamed, but nobody came.
路西法: 她大声尖叫着,可惜没人能来帮她。
Lucifer: I never laid a finger on her. It was all you, Dante.
路西法: 我可从未碰过她。但丁,她还是你的喔。
Lucifer: She didn\’t deserve it, her blood\’s on your hands, friend.
路西法: 虽然这不是她应得的,不过她的命是掌握在你手里,朋友。
Lucifer: Impressive, isn\’t it? How violence just begets violence.
路西法: 印象很深刻,不是吗? 暴力只会招来暴力而已。


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